Crete is Greece  biggest  island , it’s located in South-East of Mediterranean Sea . Its length is 260 km and  width  60 km, and is an island full of contrasts. To the north there are countless resorts and towns: Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos, in the South there are only small towns  which are ideal for the travelers who look for quiet, secluded beaches. Crete is an ideal destination for tourism, which relies not only to the  classic idea "Sun - sea," but the unspoiled  natural environment, culture, local history and quality of life. Chania is truly gifted by Nature, God and our ancestors.

Chania lies along  the north coast of western Crete and it is one of the oldest towns in Crete, with a rich and eventful history. According to the population , today it  is the second largest town of the island. The city has retained its traditional architecture and most of the monuments from the Venetian times. The famous Venetian harbor with a beautiful   lighthouse and the Old Town around gives  the reputation to Chania as the most picturesque town in Crete, which hosts thousands of visitors every year.

Walking the streets around the Old Harbour,  you can find many picturesque buildings from the Venetian period that  gives to the city a special atmosphere. Do not forget to visit the lighthouse and the fortress Bastion where  several theatrical performances and concerts take place. At the entrance of  Bastion there is also the  wonderful Maritime Museum. In the Street Skridlof known as "Stivanadika"  you can find local handmade leather products. The Archeological  museum on Halidon street displays artifacts from around the county. The well known  “Agora” (Old Market of Chania 1913) was  built in the shape of a cross with gates  that look at four points of the horizon ....


The Gorge of Samaria is the largest  canyon in Europe.  More than three hundred thousand people cross it every year. It is a wondrous landscape with rare land formations.  Unique habitat with rich  flora and fauna and a great mythology that  goes  back to the prehistory and turbulent  history during the difficult years of Crete. It was proclaimed as a National Park of White Mountains of Crete in 1962. The length  of path  up to  the boundary of the park is 12.8 km and then the distance to St. Roumeli is 3.2 km more. The main species of fauna is the world famous Cretan wild goat (CAPRA AEGAGRUS CRETICA) which has now been saved and live free only in this Gorge.








Elafonisi is a small island with white sand, separated from the mainland by a blue lagoon. It is located near the southwest of Crete about 65 km from Platanias. On the way you will see Chrisoskalitissa, a striking white monastery built up over a big rock. The access to the island is about 100m on foot, as the water is very shallow (only 1 meter depth). The sand is white  but in many places it has an unusual  pink tint due to the thousands of broken shells that contains. The water is  crystal clear and the blue-green color will remind you of an exotic paradise.

 Balos lagoon is located in Cape of Gramvousa the northwest point of Crete near the town of Kissamos. You can go to Balos either by boat from Kissamos or by car (a dirt road which at the end needs a little walking). The sea water is clear and warm and  the color of the  sand is stunning. It is considered the most spectacular and unspoilt  place  in Chania.

 Falassarna is located on the west coast of Crete and consists  2 major beaches. Here was the ancient maritime port of Polyrinia which took  the name  after the nymph Falasarna. Falassarna is now one of the most famous destination in Crete both for the  beaches and outstanding natural beauty. Falassarna  joined the project Natura 2000 because of the ecological interest to flora and fauna .





Gorge of  Theriso is  located near the town of Chania,and  you can go there by car. It is famous by its vertical rocky slopes and the  impressive lush that offer you picturesque landscape. The beautiful village Therisso was built on the foothills of White Mountains at an altitude of 580m, only 15 km from the city of Chania. A visit here will be unforgettable experience to every visitor. The historic village of Therisso became the birth place of the Great Cretan revolution to unite Crete with Greece by the leadership of Eleytherios Venizelos the great Greek politician and late Prime Minister of Greece.


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